Why use Constant Contact for building your Landing Pages?


Landing pages are a crucial part of any marketing strategy. They can be used to collect sign-ups, share specific information about goods and services, and promote an event. Therefore, it's important to utilize a platform that makes it easy to build and customize eye-catching landing pages. That's where Constant Contact delivers.


  • Our Sign-Up Landing Pages allow you to grow your email and SMS lists. You have the flexibility to add whichever standard and custom fields you like, allowing you to capture the necessary information from your contacts. With plenty of design tools, you can easily add your branding. You also have the ability to customize a thank you page. Maybe even off your contacts a discount for signing up!
  • Want to build a landing page to highlight something about your business or drive your contacts to a specific call-to-action? That's where our Custom Landing Pages come in. With several templates to choose from and design options, you can easily create a landing pages that meets your needs.
  • And let's not forget about events! Use our Event Landing Page builder to highlight your event details and entice people to attend. By utilizing blocks that are synced to an existing event, you can quickly build a landing page with the necessary event details.


Of course, landing pages aren't useful if you can't share them, and Constant Contact allow you to share a landing page in an email, on your social media pages, in a Facebook and Instagram Ad, or anywhere else you can think of to share the link.


If you use Constant Contact to build your landing pages, tell us what you personally find useful!


Community Coach

I really appreciate that when a contact fills out my LP through Constant Contact, the contact info is automatically added to my account. I don't have to do any manual process to get that contact into my account. Constant Contact handles that for me, and if I have any automations connected to a list, it's triggered without me having to lift a finger!

Tracey Lee Davis

ZingPop Social Media

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Note: I am not a Constant Contact employee.

Community Coach
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I love how Constant Contact's landing page builder is a very easy drag-and-drop interface, no technical skill required!

Aaron Wesley Means

ACTIVATE Business Solutions

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Note: I am not a Constant Contact employee.

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