Prevent automatic image sizing on mobile view

Please undo the automatic resizing/expanding of images in the mobile version. It was working fine before. We prefer to have control over whether the image stretches to the width of the page or not. Some images look terrible expanded, taking up 2/3 of the screen and rendering the text less significant.

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We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. We do not have any updates to share surrounding any changes to how images display on mobile devices but you can resize your larger images to appear smaller:


To resize an image:

  • Open the image editor
  • Select the Transform tool on the upper left
  • Check the checkbox marked Lock Resolution, on the lower left
  • Set the width to a smaller number, such as 200
  • Hit the Tab key on the keyboard. The Height number will change in response, to resize the image while keeping the original dimensions

There is also a Knowledge Base article that includes a visual walkthrough on resizing images for mobile devices.

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Is there any way that my design elements could maintain the proportions among the elements in the desktop and mobile views? I compose my emails using PNG files that I've designed outside of CC. When I load them in and size them to look like I want in the desktop view, they don't maintain those same proportions in the mobile view. Likewise, if I size them to look right in the mobile view, they are not pleasing in the desktop view. 


I really like using CC and am working to learn how to best use it to market my Etsy shops. 


This morning I used your chat feature to chat with one of your reps. I wanted to see why my custom date fields did not show up as options in the advanced search drop down menu. They said that there wasn't room for them to show up but my custom text fields did show up as options. So, that's something else I would like to see addressed.


Again, I really appreciate your service and enjoy using it.





What format are you trying to accomplish? Images are set to stack on mobile and will size themselves to fit the width of the mobile device. Are you trying to make it so your images are just smaller or are you looking to have them appear side by side on a mobile device?

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UPDATE to my original comment:

I just figured this out; was having same issue. Use CC photo editor and resize to 150w (be sure you lock resolution first). When I viewed the image in mobile view after doing this, it was smaller with a nice amount of white space on either side.




Original comment:

Totally agree! For example, I have a getting to know us section with a headshot next to the text about the person. Looks great in desktop view; then in mobile view the person's head is ginormous. Looks bad--would like to have the headshot and/or other images not resize to fit the moble screen.


Hi @KarynP0 thank you for sharing this update! We hope it is helpful for others as well. Another workaround we suggest resizing images to be smaller outside of Constant Contact and upload this more manageable size into your Library. We have seen cases where images that are 150-200 px wide tend to display best on mobile devices.

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In the old days, I would choose to use your non-mobile friendly templates, because the mobile ones look awful on most email platforms, especially outlook. This is no longer an option in your program.


Images are resized to look good on mobile, including embedded pdfs that were created to BE the message. They look more like thumbnails on the email. Even the logo is small. It would look better justified across the screen.


I know non-mobile-friendly may not look as good on mobile, but you can at least see the intent of the layout. This is completely lost on the computer screen. Our last email was opened 68% on computer - we don't do marketing, folks read our emails when they are at work, for work.


Yesterday I needed to send an email with my embedded PDF. It was an important document, and I needed it to look like it was the full email message, not like it was an image added to an email. It looked terrible, so I finally resorted to signing up with MailChimp, which allows you to adjust the size of the pdf or image and actually sends it looking pretty much the way you set it up on the back end.


Please consider reviewing your mobile-friendly layouts. It would also be lovely if you could add back in the ability to link within your document so you can have table of contents again for longer newsletters.


- Lauren (very long time user of constant contact)

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Hi @TommyT80 what features of our non-mobile editor are you looking for? How would you expect to select one of these templates? Also, what about the ability to resize your PDF image does not fit your needs?

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Hi folks, 


I was having the same issue with a headshot. I only liked the desktop version. The mobile version made the headshot look bigger (in my opinion - too big). I read Frankie_P's comment and then resized the image in Preview (I have a Mac) so that the resolution was only 200 pixels wide. And then I re-uploaded the image to CC. Finally, I replaced the old headshot with the resized image.  That seems to have worked b/c the desktop version is fine and now the mobile version is a bit smaller. 



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When you resize an image, it looks great on the backend, but the email platforms, like outlook, resize I assume for mobile use. Both pdfs and images. I tried this with survey monkey and it looks much better. I can find images of that example if I need to. Here are today's examples. 

Image in the cc editor: original images.png

How it looks in outlook email:

resized images.png


Hi @TommyT80 thank you for following up with these details and screenshots! Our mobile responsive templates cause images uploaded at a large size to resize and fit the screen full width.  To help stop this from happening users can resizing images outside of Constant Contact to be 150-200 px wide and upload this more manageable size into your Library.

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Then they are still too small. I want my logo for instance to be the width of the email. The pdf I imported last week was according to your size recommendations and looked like nothing more than a thumbnail when I sent a test email to outlook. This isn't a solution. I want the images and pdfs to appear on the email side the same as they do on the editor side. 


Please consider fixing this. I can show you an example of how the same pdf looks when I sent it through constant contact as compared with MailChimp, which still slightly resized but not nearly to the extent that your software did.


Hey all - it doesn't make any sense, but I was playing around just now and left-justifying the image seemed to do the trick (it still looks centered in desktop, and sized to fit better in mobile).


I called Customer Service to get help with sizing photos and logos in the MOBILE VIEW of the new Newsletter editor. Photos and logos are HUGE in that view and the newsletter looks terrible !!! I was told I'd have to TAKE A SCREEN SHOT in the EDITOR, then CROP THE PHOTO to the size I want, and then UPLOAD IT AGAIN and place it back in the newsletter.   Needless to say, this is ridiculous.  Photos and logos should appear in the mobile view just as they do in the desktop view.  Also, if this is a problem you knew about, YOU SHOULD HAVE NOTIFIED US IN ADVANCE.  How many of your customers don't check the mobile view before sending out their newsletter????  This is OUR REPUTATION at stake, and if you can't get this new editor to work properly, then at least give us the option of using the old one until you do!!!  


The imagine resizing on mobile option is one of several extremely frustrating things about Constant Contact. The complaints and promises to implement editing on mobile go back YEARS. And yet there is nothing. I have to design my entire eblast on InDesign as a "hack" but that is ridiculous. Other small businesses shouldn't need a degree in graphic design to use this service. 

I am in a rush so I just used a CC template for a quick eblast only to be reminded of why I never do this. Examples below.


Other services like WIX let people edit mobile view? Why can't CC get it together? It makes our company look unprofessional and like we don't know what we are doing. 


Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 10.08.30 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-07-22 at 10.15.10 AM.png

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For the people who are saying that resizing the images smaller solves the mobile problem, I have to ask what effect that has on the desktop version. Depending on how the desktop version is designed it seems like the smaller version might look crappy of the desktop calls for, say, a 300-350 or more width image. It seems like perhaps being able to specify a maximum width for mobile would be better than what we have now, though if applied in all cases it might still be somewhat problematic.

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Having automatically dynamic content is a great plus. However, it would be nice to have max-width Setting for Images. Otherwise, some images that are meant to be small get way too large and clutter your messaging. See the Example below.


On a computer, this looks fine. We want our agency logo to be present but small--to be recognized but not to dominate the messaging:




But on a phone (iPhone 11 - Mail app), our agency logo becomes huge and distracts from the messaging of the email:





Adding a max-width setting to the agency logo would keep it small on mobile apps and help focus our messaging for our campaigns.



It's ridiculous that a solution such as a max-width setting isn't available at this point. Without it, elements like buttons, logos, icons dominate the email. We've used CC for years, but I'm ready to move us to a different platform. 


What am I doing wrong that when I have a header image for a desktop email - it appears correct on my preview but when I send a test email the image ends up appearing centered and small and the body copy is wider lenghth than the header and footer. So it appears I have images the wrong size small, floating, centered at the top and bottom of my email? Is there a way to lock the maximum width of the email to match my image widths? I've searched and can't find anything. Thank you.


Hi @JamesC955 


We apologize for any confusion there may be with the images in your email campaign. At this time images resized to be smaller in desktop will show as full width on the mobile version.

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