Create images of more than the first page during PDF upload

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I don't want a PDF of the first page - I want the whole newsletter - all four pages - in the email.


I would like to be able to upload more than one page of a PDF document for mass emailing. Not everything fits on one page! Hard to believe that would be that much of a problem to resolve.  I hope someone does change this soon!

Status changed to: Voting Open
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @StephenB772, thanks for your feedback! I understand being able to import more than just the first page of your PDF would be helpful, so I'm opening this issue up for voting and have passed this feedback along to our developers. 


Thanks for sharing your feedback!


I believe that if I have a PDF that I want to use as my email blast it should turn the whole pdf into the blast instead of just using the front page and then linking the rest of the pdf.

I am using the PDF to email feature and it is only showing one page of the PDF. There is 10 pages in my document but i cannot get more than one page to appear in the email.
It would be much more efficient and a time saver if a pdf with multiple pages could be added in. While taking a screenshot of each individual page is possible, this makes creating an email much harder than it needs to be. I create our newsletter using a graphic designing program which then generates a pdf of the finished product. When I have to put this newsletter into Constant Contact, I have to individually screenshot all 12 pages and drag in each page. This process takes me an eternity. If I could insert a multi-page pdf, I could have sent my newsletter out in less time than it has taken me to write this feedback.
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