Contacts Corrupted with Incorrect Information


Contacts Corrupted with Incorrect Information



Dozens, if not more, of our contacts are corrupted with incorrect information. We upload or manually enter contacts, and when we look at these contacts weeks or month later, some of the records now have other company’s names, contact names, emails, or titles. The information may be transposed with other people’s data that is totally unrelated.


Do you have any idea why contacts are unexpectedly having their company name, email address, or other data changed? We would send examples, but don't want to share our contacts' personal information. 


Thank you!


Hello @FusionLP ,


Depending on the campaigns, manner of upload, etc. It's possible some of the information might have gotten confused in uploads. 

If you're using the event tool and allow contacts to be immediately added to a contact list, the information they enter could end up altering what was already associated with their general contact info.


Another possible issue is that if you're uploading contact lists with several email addresses associated with a single contact or company, it could also be causing issues.


If possible, could you reply to the automated email you'll be receiving from my reply? That will go directly to our CRM so we can investigate further. Please include your username and some examples of contacts that have incorrect info, so we can look them up in your account and do some additional investigating.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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