Entering foreign language in subject


Entering foreign language in subject

My organization recently introduced a recurring newsletter entitled "Docere Bene" [Latin for Teach Well].  I tried to use that as my subject for our first mailing, but CC wouldn't accept it [text turned red just to make sure I knew my choice was "bad".😁  I tried alternatives like 'Docere Bene Issue One', but that didn't work either.


Is there a way I can use the newsletter's Latin title as a subject?






Hello @Diaconate-Institute ,


Did you try to type in that subject line manually and it gave you that error message or was it copy-pasted from an outside source into the field? The letters that come out to be 'Docere Bene Issue One' should have no issues to use as a subject line.  I have also attached here an article that discusses best practices for writing a subject line that ensures email deliverability and opens for you.


John M
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