Remove an image or document from the Library

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There isn't delete option in the library, so how to delete images in library?



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Hello @AlanS98 ,


I see the button when selecting files in your top navigation bar's Library tab. If you're not seeing the option, make sure you're actually in the proper Library page, logged in as either the Account Owner or an Account Manager. Once you've confirmed those aspects, then the missing Delete option is likely being caused by a connectivity issue, such as a caching error or interfering browser extension. Please keep in mind that when I say connectivity issues, I'm not necessarily referring to just your internet speed. There are a number of elements that can affect website connectivity and accessibility on an individual basis. 


If none of those alleviate the issues, please call our general support number, so they can securely assist you with removing the images you don't want.

William A
Community & Social Media Support