Segmenting Audience by those NOT on List

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Segmenting Audience by those NOT on List

I would like to create a segment of my audience that includes everyone except for those on a single list. There is an option to segment by only those that are on a specific list, and to only email to those people, but I would like to send to everyone except for those who are on that list. They may be on other lists as well, so I can't just send to all lists except for that list.


Hello and thank you for reaching out to The Community! I’m afraid at this time our Segments Tool does not an option for “Not on a Specific List”. That being said we can assist you in creating the list manually to send to.


If you would like to send to everyone except for a single list (Let's call it "List B" for this walk through) we will first need to create a new “All Contacts” List. We can do this quickly by Merging all of your current lists. This will still leave your original lists intact as they were. Once we have the new “All Contacts” list we will want to Remove "List B" (Contacts we are not sending to) from it. After those contacts are removed you will be left with a list of the desired contacts! If there is anything else we can assist with please do not hesitate to reach back out!

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