What the "open" stats really mean, where do they come from?

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What the "open" stats really mean, where do they come from?

My little nonprofit has very high "open" rates, according to CC's reports.  But lo and behold, in the report on my latest email, I see that one of my email addresses and my husband's email address are both marked in the CC report as having "opened" the email. But neither of us did.  Whoa. Needless to say, I wonder what's up with that, and how many of the other supposedly "open" addresses actually did open the email.  Does anyone know anything about this?


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I'm sorry that you have encountered this problem. If you can send us an email with a bit more information we are happy to take a look. Please send your username, the name of the campaign you are seeing the issue with, both email addresses that the open occurred with so we can do further research. Thank you for choosing Constant Contact. Have a great day! 

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My husband is in the hospital recovering from major surgery this week, so i dobn't have time to dig back through the lists or respond to this. A simple answer to my question would have been appreciated:  what counts as an "open" and how are those determined? 


One of my volunteers said an isp or host (I'm not tech savvy and don't know all the terminology) forwarding an email to another inbox -- such as gmail fwding to my iMail, where I open and read all email -- may count as an open. Is that the case? If so, probably half the opens are forwards. Im just wondering what the numbers really mean and how you are reading the information.


Thank you.