No option to sort Library files when there are more than 1,000 files

You really need to add additional ways to filter files in the library. I ran out of space so I need to clear out old files, but the only way to get to old files is to keep hitting "show more" and 10 more rows. I have about 4000 images to go through, so this is not very efficient. Even a sort by old to new option would be helpful.

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Hi @LilaS4


At this time users with more than 1,000 files in their library do not have the ability to sort their files. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! The workaround we suggest is to use the advanced search to look for a specific date range if the oldest image upload dates are known. 


Ditto. What's going on? Is this for us to pay for more space? 


Hi @MaryAnnL73


We currently recommend using the advanced search to look for a specific date range to delete your older images. With that said, we have merged this post into a larger thread focused on having the ability to sort libraries that have more than 1,000 files in it.

It would be useful to be able to sort the images by date uploaded. Thank you.
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Can you PLEASE make the columns sortable in the library?? It's virtually impossible to clean up old files without this capability. Thanks
Would like to be able to sort by reverse date - oldest to newest to more easily delete old images and documents
You should be able to sort the library in different ways, like oldest to newest, most used, ect. It would also make it easier to delete stuff.
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Why can't I sort my images by file size?


Hello @AmandeepN1. At this time, sorting library files by size is not an available feature within the Library. I can see how this would be useful for those with larger libraries so I will open the idea up for voting.

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I echo the complaints by everyone else. I have hit the limit in my account and am trying to delete old images from the library and not having the ability to sort from old to new means that I need to keep clicking "show more" page after page after get to the point where I can start deleting old images from several years ago. I noticed that I can only delete around 50 images at a time, otherwise the whole system chokes and freezes. Then I have to start all over again. I echo other complaints from people that after I've clicked "show more" dozens of times to get to the date range I'm looking for, and then save a single image into a folder, the whole library resets and I lose my place and need to start all over again clicking "show more" again to find the place where I left off. This is incredibly frustrating. I don't understand why it won't give the option to sort by date when there's over 1000 images/files in the library. Please make that simple fix!


P.S. I tried using the Advanced search features, which only allows entering a date range from sometime in the past up to today. So, that feature is also useless if I want to delete all images from 2015 for example. I still have to scroll backwards from the present to the date range I'm searching. Not helpful!

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How has the feature to sort the date column still not been added almost 2 years later?


We were considering getting rid of our FTP and using CC to host all of our images, however after looking in our library and wanting to delete old images to make more room - I came across this thread when trying to figure out how to sort our library by date. Entering a date range is an obnoxious option.


And if the CC employees comment back that our comment has been "merged this post into a larger thread focused on having the ability to sort libraries that have more than 1,000 files in it." - AT LEAST GIVE US A LINK TO THAT THREAD! So we can comment over there also and follow that thread for updates.


Until there is away to sort and delete old images we won't be able to use CC to host our images.

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