Ability to add or remove guests after someone has registered

I wish I could add an additional attendee un the edit registration details. Being able to do so would be tremendous!!!!!! I now have to delete and re create the registration info. So that I don't have 2 entries for the same school only because they want to add another participant :frown:

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This idea was related to our legacy event tool. At this time, registrations cannot be edited to remove or add guests or the amount of tickets.


Please comment on the following feature request for the updated event tool as we will be closing this for future comments:


Ability to add or remove a guest to/from a registrant

I'm managing a golf tournament and I need to be able to add player information when people register and fail to understand how to do it themselves. As of right now, if a person registers, I can't add additional players. Not helpful.
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I need to be able to add a guest to a registration after the person registered.  When will this be possible?

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I can't believe it's not possible to add a guest after a person has registered. Circumstances change. Sometimes someone can't make it, sometimes someone else can. It's stupid that I have to cancel a guest reservation and re-enter all the info again, just for a change. If things change after that, i have to do it all again. That's not user friendly.

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I find it disappointing and frustrating that you limit the editing that can be performed on the subject content. It's bad enough that you do not permit the registrant to change his/her details, but to not allow the site manager to do so is unacceptable. So in order to reduce the number of guests per the member's direction, I must cancel and reregister the member to accomplish that. That's disgusting!

It's almost 2021 and yu can't add a guest or teammate to an already registered person!! LOL! I'll be looking for another solution. You have been dealing with this since 2015!!

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I agree!  I have Constant Contact reach out to me asking for advice for improvements.  (What for?  Improvements are not made.)  However, JonM sums it up best!  Wow!


We also need this feature.

- We need to be able to add paid registrants or volunteer manually in the backend. CC advised me to add the payment at the door options to register volunteers guest manually in the front end, but now regular registrants are using it while we actually want them to pay online... Quite a pain to manage.

- We need to be able to add or remove guests from registrants entry. There's is no option to remove guests after we issued refunds.

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For the kind of money CC charges and all of these fees, your IT department should figure out how to let meeting providers edit and update registrations including number of attendees without having to deleted current registrations and add them back to the roster. This is 2022.

The event system apparently doesn't allow an event registrant to circle back and register an additional guest at a later time, or the manager of the event for that matter. Solution? Seems CC needs to add an option under the existing "Edit Registrant Details" to manually add additional guests.

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When editing the event registrant details, you are unable to add a guest to the registration, if one was not included during the initial event registration.
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