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Ability to use quicksend for surveys and events

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First, I want to say how much I LOVE Constant Contact. It is technologically user friendly and your customer service is outstanding. With the recent change in web design, Quicksend does not work the way it used to and this is a feature I heavily depend upon. As we near a virtual event next week we want to send invitations to additional people. Quicksend does not allow me to access my most recent event so that I can get these invitations to people. I have spoken to Customer Service twice and have been assured you are working on it. They suggested I submit feedback here. Thanks for working on it for us!

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Hi @SandyG46 where in your contacts are you looking for the option to Quicksend? What steps would you expect to take in order to do this? You do have the ability to use our Quicksend feature once a specific contact has been selected.


Thanks for your note.  I have spoken to several of your colleagues who all have agreed I can't Quicksend.  What I'm trying to do is Quicksend from an email within and EVENT.  For instance, our annual event is next week. As we get closer we get stragglers to whom we want to send an invitation so they can register.  Before your site upgrade, I could choose the contact and Quicksend an invite. Now, Quicksend is only available for emails, not emails attached to events.  

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for the clarification, @SandyG46. At this time the Quicksend option for survey and event invitations is not available for those in our Contacts redesign. These emails would need to be resent through the survey or event. We'll open this idea up for voting and update if we hear of any changes.  


Count me in for a vote! I heavily rely on this feature for our annual event.  Thank you!


Status changed to: Acknowledged
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