Ability to use quicksend for surveys and events

First, I want to say how much I LOVE Constant Contact. It is technologically user friendly and your customer service is outstanding. With the recent change in web design, Quicksend does not work the way it used to and this is a feature I heavily depend upon. As we near a virtual event next week we want to send invitations to additional people. Quicksend does not allow me to access my most recent event so that I can get these invitations to people. I have spoken to Customer Service twice and have been assured you are working on it. They suggested I submit feedback here. Thanks for working on it for us!

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Hi @SandyG46 where in your contacts are you looking for the option to Quicksend? What steps would you expect to take in order to do this? You do have the ability to use our Quicksend feature once a specific contact has been selected.


Thanks for your note.  I have spoken to several of your colleagues who all have agreed I can't Quicksend.  What I'm trying to do is Quicksend from an email within and EVENT.  For instance, our annual event is next week. As we get closer we get stragglers to whom we want to send an invitation so they can register.  Before your site upgrade, I could choose the contact and Quicksend an invite. Now, Quicksend is only available for emails, not emails attached to events.  

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Thank you for the clarification, @SandyG46. At this time the Quicksend option for survey and event invitations is not available for those in our Contacts redesign. These emails would need to be resent through the survey or event. We'll open this idea up for voting and update if we hear of any changes.  


Count me in for a vote! I heavily rely on this feature for our annual event.  Thank you!


Campaign Contributor

With the recent update to the contacts section, there were a couple of features that I found useful in the previous version that was removed from the new version. 


1. The ability to search for contacts using their full name

- I'm not sure why this feature was removed but I am currently wasting my time trying to find certain contacts because of this. I'm not sure why this feature was removed but being able to search only by the first name or last name only seems like an odd feature to have. I have many contacts with the same first name and last name and do not have the time to scroll all the contacts just to find that one person, especially if their name is extremely common and there are multiple people with the exact same first/last name.


2. Easier way to add/remove contacts from lists 

- There are two parts to this, the first one is when highlight multiple contacts name to add/remove them from a certain list, I have to scroll through a long drop down menu. It is extremely time wasting. The previous method of being able to search or see the starred lists at the top was extremely convenient.

- The second part is adding/removing a particular contact from a list in their profile. Please have the search option available again. Also, I really liked how easy it was to remove a contact from a list - now it requires too much clicking and scrolling. I should be able to remove them from a list without having to edit their profile. I have a lot of lists so it requires too much scrolling to be able to find out which list I want them in.


3. Ability to QuickSend (resend) event emails

- I heard that Constant Contact is slowly phasing out of their events (please correct me if I'm wrong) so I understand why this may have happened in the new update

- Previously, I was able to send certain contacts event invitations/emails through the contacts option, now I do not have that option anymore. It's been quite inconvenient as sometimes I want to send the invitation from the system to certain contacts that were not previously invited to our event. Now, I have to send it through outlook. The problem with this is that sending it through outlook creates a lot of formatting issues, and the type of formatting issue changes each time. It would be great to be able to send invitations in the correct format through the Constant Contact system, especially when these invitees are external senior executive people.


4. Update your FAQs with the new format

- Please update your FAQs as soon as possible with images/instructions to navigating the new update. The instructions still contain instructions/images of the old update which isn't useful anymore.

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Nicely said Cheryl.

Once again CC has brought you a new and improved product! The new Beta Contact Management. Unfortunately new and improved really means that they have taken away basic functionality again.


What the hey...you cant search for a contact by their full name? Searching by someones first or last name and then scrolling through 50+ Dave's is much simpler. You don't have to spend time typing in the last name. A real time saver!!!


And we all know that it is so much simpler to remove a person or group from multiple lists one at a time instead of checking off the lists all at once. Oh, and the option to select all is just an invitation to disaster.


Oh and don't forget that writing down all the lists you want a contact added or removed from is much more efficient than being able to see what lists they belong to in the pull down menu. You really should not know what list a contact is on because really, why should you want to remove anyone from a list anyway.


And I can't say enough for the the new contact search feature. I really can't.


Thank you CC for thinking that we didn't have enough to occupy our time while we are stuck at home with this crazy virus,  and giving us so much more work to do!

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Hi @alisong187 


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! I would be happy to help share some insight on the points you have brought up. While searching for a contact by their full name is not available, it is a feature request we are tracking on through this thread here in our Feedback section.


Users can also mark a contact list as a favorite. However to make this list appear at the top, you would have to sort your lists by the star/favorite column after marking a list as a favorite. With that said when deleting contacts, what is the drop-down menu you're seeing? Are you looking for the option to delete a contact be separated from the other editing options in our actions menu?


Quicksends on the other hand is currently available for standard emails. The good news is our Product teams have decided to focus on a complete redesign of this product and is allocating resources to it. So we have tracked your feature request on wanting the ability to allow Quicksends for event emails.


As for our FAQs on our updated contact management dashboard, how does this article we provide not fit your needs? What information are you looking for that may not currently be available in this article?

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Hi @frankie_p,


Thanks for getting back to me. For the drop-down menu, I was referring deleting contacts from a particular list not entirely from the database. Previously, when you want to delete multiple contacts from a marketing list, there was an option to search for the list and the starred lists would be at the top as well. However, the current format has all the lists in alphabet order in a drop-down menu. Even the starred lists aren't even at the top of the drop-down to remove multiple contacts from a particular email list. 


For the FAQs, I believe when I first saw the article, I must've missed the images on the right under Import and Export contacts (or the page wasn't update yet, I'm not sure), so please disregard that comment. 


Again, thanks for looking into this feedback and hopefully some of them will be implemented sometime soon!


Hi @DaveR7 thank you for sharing this feedback with us! The good news is being able to search a contact by multiple details like their full name or to manage multiple contact lists at once are both feature requests we are collecting feedback on through their own Feedback boards.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @alisong187 thank you for following up with these details! I have tracked this feedback to the appropriate teams and have also opened your post so other users can weigh in as well.

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