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Add Additional Criteria for Segments

We should be able to have more than one criteria of each type to create a segment (i.e. I should be able to create a segment that targets people who meet BOTH of these criteria: were sent any of the last 5 campaigns AND Opened one of the last 10 campaigns.

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We’re updating the status of this idea to Under Consideration while we look into adding NOT and IS BLANK operators into segment creation. This would allow for more flexible uses of segments. There will be other criteria considered, so we still encourage everyone to share their desired segment use cases below in the comments. We will keep this thread updated with progress, it will likely still take some time before we’re able to fully tackle this one.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @DavidK9631, thanks for your feedback! I definitely understand the importance of having the ability to add this logic to our Segments feature and have passed this feedback along to our developers as well as opened this idea for voting. 



Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @MPS-Architecture, thanks so much for sharing this feedback - I'm going to open this idea up for voting. 

I am trying to make a segment based on these criteria: 1. Member of a specific list AND 2. Contact has a custom field = Y AND 3. Contact has a second custom field = DD OR 4. Contact as a second custom field = DR I am unable to specify set up this segment because I can't have two "contact details" sections separated by an AND. To describe the query I need in general terms... Give me a list of contacts from LIST1 where the contacts have a CUSTOM FIELD 1 or "Y" AND (the contacts have a CUSTOM FIELD 2 of "DD" OR "DR)

This part has a typo.  Should read:


... Give me a list of contacts from LIST1 where the contacts have a CUSTOM FIELD 1 of "Y" AND (the contacts have a CUSTOM FIELD 2 of "DD" OR "DR)

Campaign Collaborator
It would be great if segments could be created using multiples of the same type of criteria, and to exclude contacts on a specific list. For example, contacts who opened email A, but didn't click on any links in email A, and are not on email list Z. I have follow-ups that I'm sending to a list, but don't want to email them if they've already completed the event signup process. Some people who have already signed up didn't sign up by clicking through the email.
Status changed to: New

Hey @KirkW13, thanks so much for sharing your feedback! We're actually working on some of these features already and once they're available, I'll be sure to update this thread. We will have the ability to exclude those not on a list as well as add multiple criteria for each category. We're still looking into segmenting people in a list and not in another, so I've opened this idea for voting. 

Marketing Legend

I am trying to create a list of "inactive" contacts which I am defining as those that have been consistently receiving our emails for a length of time (two years) AND have never opened any. I want to begin the process of updating or removing these inactive emails from our email list. Having more options in segmentation would vastly improve this.

My current idea to accomplish this is to (Step 1) create 24 segments by contact activity, each segment with the criteria of "were sent" for a one-month timeframe, such as "were sent 1/1/2017-1/31/2017."  (I can't simply do one segment with a two-year timeframe because I want to ensure the contacts have been getting emails the whole time, not just once or a few or even half of that two-year timeframe. We send emails to our entire list at least once a month.). Next (Step 2) I take the 24 segments, export them, and combine them into one Excel spreadsheet, then remove all the records that don't appear in every segment. Now I have a list of contacts that were sent email in every single month for two years. (Step 3) I create one more segment by activity, for "opened" during that total two-year time frame. I export and add that to my Excel sheet and remove duplicates so that the only remaining contacts are those which received email campaigns in every month for two years but never opened any.

This feels like a ridiculous amount of work to get a list that meets this criteria: Was sent email in every month from Jan. 2017 through Jan. 2019 AND never opened. Is there a better way to do this?? Adding multiple criteria for each category seems to be the answer, but until that feature is available (IF it become available), what do I do?



Anniversary Month is not a segment criteria option.Can it become one?
I like this idea but need to be able to click more options for criteria. It is very limited. Anything that we are using we should be able to segment from. I wanted to do a mass look and put all the contacts that didnt have an email address filled out in a segment so I could mass export them to have someone contact them if there is a phone number which was another option that wasnt available
Please allow the option to have an or and not just an "and" with the list critera. Right now if I want to add a list to my criteria, it will only do an "and" and I would like to do an "or" so I can just add the people in the list.
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