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It would be nice if we could create blocks that we could save into a library of sorts. All of our campaigns use similar contact blocks but very different headers. It would be nice to not have to recreate the block from scratch, or to exit the campaign, find the other campaign, copy the code, then head back to the original campaign.

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Updating the status of this request to Under Consideration to support our new community idea statuses to add better insight into your feedback.


Thank you for all of your feedback on this topic; I know this request has been around for many years. This is something we would love to be able to implement. We’ve had some plans in the past that have been reprioritized. The current thought is that we hope we will be able to focus on this at some point in the future, and some of the ideas floated around have been really cool! That being said, I don’t have any sort of estimated time that it might be accomplished. We do have a potential new feature coming this quarter that may help. We will keep this thread updated.

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Yesssssssssss! I just posted a new feedback request about the same exact thing, then found this thread after. The original post is nearly 2 years old. I guess this isn't happening?

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Although we have the option to copy a pre-existing campaign for identical format/fonts/design, it would be great to set custom "building blocks" within the editor that are ready to go for the fonts and color palette (and more!) we use on a regular basis. Just to drag a text box with the text size, font style, and color preset for our use would change the way we build campaigns and save so much valuable time.

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Hello @ChirstinaD,
I just want to make sure I understand your idea. Are you saying that you want to save certain elements of your email to reuse? Would you want to reuse them in the same email or in different campaigns? Would you be able to go a little further in detail as to what the difference between the two ideas would be?

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Hi Candace,


No, not within the same email. That is already possible with the duplicate function. I mean the ability to save commonly used elements for use later in new campaigns.


I manage 3 different locations of a business in one constant contact account. Sometimes we email the whole database as one big company, but more commonly, we send emails from the individual locations. A lot of times, these emails are identical, with the exception of different header/footer to reflect business and location, and links to their individual websites.


I find myself rebuilding a lot of content over and over again and have felt it would be convenience to either "copy/paste" elements between campaigns when the same content is used in more than one campaign, and also have the header/footer information readily available for each location (like in an area on the left where you can pull in other content like buttons, text, etc). The headers/footers are usually the same for each location on every email, so what I normally do is copy a previous campaign and then wipe out all the content in the middle... which works but isn't the slickest approach. But for the content in the middle, there's no way to copy/paste from another campaign if I already built it out. Unless I duplicate that campaign, and then change out the header/footer, all the links, etc.. Either way it's just more work than it could be.


I don't know if my usage is typical but the ability to copy/paste elements between different campaigns or "save for later" would be useful to me! Hope this helps clarify!



I agree with all the comments here.  It would be a huge time-saver to:

1) Save Blocks (either as images or as text)


2) Name and Designate Blocks (Header, Footer, Article)

- The Header and Footer Blocks could be saved as images to quickly drag and drop or insert just as we do an image. 

- Article Blocks could be saved as text for editing later


3) Have a Block Library of items that have been previously saved to be re-used


4) Have 2 newsletters open at the same time - when you don't need to save something as a block, but only to quickly copy and paste from one email to another


My workaround for Header/Footer Blocks:

- I design and save them as an image outside of CC in my publisher and then upload them.  This saves alot of time. Then I created an Image Folder called Building Block Images and save them all here for quick access.  (Logo with social media links, Logo with Action Buttons, Logo with President Signature, etc.)  


The oldest post I saw on this is from 2015.  I'm surprised CC hasn't found a way to address this issue yet.  It's definitely something that makes me consider an alternative email marketing solution.  

I want to see a Clipboard function like the one in Microsoft Word, that would allow me to cut and paste across Constant Contacts multiple copies and paste them where I like. I usually create a main newsletter that has 2-4 buttons that allows my customers to WEPay- RSVP to my events. The buttons allow me to charge different prices to the same event by creating a different Event with a unique link. Now that I think about it: Can the Events have multiple paid options (an example would be a General Admission ticket and a VIP ticket) this would allow me to create one link and a potential customer to can choose which ticket to buy. Please allow it to have at least 6 different price options to purchase.
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Since there is no HTML editing capability, the ability to maintain a content library would be the second best solution.  With the Legacy editor, I save HTML in text files to paste into content blocks when needed, e.g. details of an annual event where only the date has changed.  HTML editing enables other functions such as tweaking fonts and spacing but reusing content is the most valuable feature to me.  


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Thanks everyone for commenting on this subject.  There are obviously a lot of us out there designing emails that know how to utilize HTML and are in need of some solution in the Third Generation Editor that allows for us copy/paste already created content into new email campaigns - a content library so to speak, that works in the same way that we can access pictures for any email campaign.  Constant Contact - This can be done.  Since in the Third Generation Editor we can now move entire blocks of content throughout a specific email, we should also be able to either move the blocks to an area where they can be uploaded and saved for future use or return the HTML editor function.  

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Hello @ChrisW991,

Awesome ideas! I will be opening this up to voting so other customers can vote and comment on this idea as well!

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Allow that we can cutomized a layout and save it configuration to reuse in future situations.
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