Simple way to delete multiple contacts at once from a segmented list of contacts.

I wanted to delete all our contacts who have not opened our emails in the last two years.  I created a segmented list from all of our varied email lists.  There is no simple way to just delete them.

I had to chat with support who had to walk me through a very convoluted process.  There is nothing in the knowledge base for this.

You have to first create a new list with all those contacts that you want to delete. (Not at all intuitive.)

Then you have to go to your email list and click on manage lists and chose all the other lists except that one.

Then you can delete the contacts from those lists, and then you have to delete the new list and all the contacts in it.

I suggest that the developers work out a method for choosing all the contacts on the segmented list and create a way to delete them from all the lists they came from in one step.

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Thank you for the idea. At this time, this idea is not on our roadmap. If there are plans to consider bringing this functionality into the Segments tool, we will share them here.


Please see below for a workaround for deleting contacts from a segment:

- Add selected contacts in the segment to a list
- Open the list from the contacts page
- Delete contacts from the list

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Hi @ChayaB that you for sharing this feedback. We are opening this post up for other users to weigh in as well.


I agree, is there a way to create a segmented list let's say of all bounced emails as suspended, and bulk delete them from all other lists but keep them on one list of don't email? Instead of having to go down through 2K email addresses one by one.


This would be so helpful.  Trying to clean up old contacts seems impossible.

Why in the world am I not able to delete emails in specific segments set up to show who has not opened my email in six months? This is totally counter-productive if I have to go into my contacts list and delete each one, individually, from that list. I can remove the segment, but it shows it does NOT delete the individual emails. More work for me while unwanted subscribers remain on my list until I can get them deleted. Manually. Very annoying. I thought once you had these lists it would be as easy as pushing a button. I guess I have to be happy about one thing--I don't spend HOURS compiling this list and THEN deleting. Guess I should be happy about that, at the least.

Yes, I have about 75,000 contacts we want to delete. No way to do that one by one. It turns out, Constant Contact, although they claim to police duplicate contacts, has somehow added some people 4x in our database - and we're having to pay for those contacts.


Hi @mlorusso


While at this time there is not a way to delete contacts through a segment, the workaround users can try is to:


- Add all contacts in segment to a list
- Select the list from the contacts page > Actions > Delete > Delete the list and contacts.



As for the duplicates you may be seeing, this is not an experience all users are having and does have to be troubleshooted on a case by case basis. Because of this we ask that you please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username, a reference to this post and the following details: the number of duplicates you see, the email addresses of these contacts, along with the steps that the were taken to add/import/update these contacts.


Yes this would be extremely helpful. The only reason I can imagine that this has not been implemented is to keep your clients paying for emails that they do not need, increasing CC revenues. 

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Cleaning out email lists is a must to maintain good engagement. Segments can be used to identify contacts that are not engaging with the emails. Once these contacts have been identified, it would be ideal to have an option to select them and unsubscribe them directly from the segment or list. 


List - add the option "unsubscribe" to the list of actions

Segment  - See request Ability to select and edit contacts in a segment. Include the option "unsubscribe" in the list of actions.


At this time, the only way to achieve this is to create the segment, export the segment, then re-upload using the option "Upload unsubscribed emails"

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Constant contact could allow this easily but sure they choose not to to keep sales higher for them.

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