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Allow a "not to" function when selecting lists

Allow a "not to" function when selecting lists

When I used Hubspot, I was able to select a list and then choose "do not send to anyone on this list if they are on ____ list." It was helpful for new customer promotions - i could select our general contact list and then choose to NOT allow it send to anyone on our existing customer list. 

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Status changed to: Voting Open
Regular Visitor

Yes, I really really need this.


I feel like I am in effect spamming people who are on two lists, if I want to send different messages to those two lists, but can't suppress the people who I already got by virtue of them being on the first list.


Either I do not send separate/custom emails, or I send emails to some of the same people twice. Bleah!

CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open

When our contact list reached 10,000 contacts we lost the ability to use contact tags to include/exclude from email lists for our campaigns. It would be VERY helpful for us if Constant Contact clients with 10,000+ contacts could utilize the contact tag feature when selecting email recipients for campaigns.


Yes, improvements to the tag function is GREATLY need and this is a good idea. This feature is a good idea and even broader if you could use the tag function to limit the emails sent on a specific list (instead of the whole campaign) that would be very useful.