Show Pixel Size when Resizing Images

It would be very helpful to know what the pixel dimensions of an image are, as you resize it, so that you can match image sizing throughout your email, exactly.

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No way to tell what size images are.  You have to hope you uploaded three exactly the same, because you can't find any place to tell you what it is. If you accidentally drag it smaller or larger, you have no way of telling when you've returned to default.
And as nearly as I can tell, no way to turn of tracking on image links?  Our clients are not allowed to click on links with tracking attached.  Used to be able to turn them off. 

And like you, if I had wanted Mail Chimp-ness, I would be using that service - which I do use for another organization, and hate it!

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It would be a tremendous help to be able to set an image to be sized at 100%. While the future is going the way of high-DPI devices, currently we (and pretty much all of our clients) view our emails on 72dpi monitors, and having an image be CLOSE to native size (but not quite) is very obvious. With the current slider mechanism, we can only eyeball it, which means it's certainly the wrong size.


Photos aren't a big deal (they resize nicely), but having a difference between image DPI and screen DPI greatly affects the quality of text, line art and other graphic shapes contained in images.

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I agree - it is HORRIBLE not to know how large an image actually is. In the old system, you could see if it was at 100% and you could see the dimensions. Now there is no way to do that, and even at 98%, or 102%, an image looks absolutely horrible.
And I have no idea how large the image I need should be.  Cute CC-provided placeholder images, but without any dimensions, we don't know what size our images should be to maintain that clarity. 

Status changed to: Voting Open
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @jellis, thanks for your feedback! I could see how being able to manipulate the exact size of the image by editing the pixel measurement would be helpful. I've opened this idea up for voting, so make sure to "Kudo" this idea if you agree! 

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This was a function that the old editor had, and it was taken away. Which is crazy. I need to be able to have an image (like my logo) be the same size across multiple newsletters, so having the pixel dimensions available when resizing an image would be amazing to have back. 

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So far I despise the new editor.


I just cannot get the photo inserter to function repeatedly. I can insert one photo, but if I go to another block to insert one, it just flashes and blanks. No menu pops up. I have to quit the email I'm working on and reopen it--and I have to do that EVERY TIME I WANT TO PUT IN A PHOTO. Every single one. I don't like not being able to see what pixel height and width the photos are anymore either. That was handy when I needed them to all be the same size, and in particular that's necessary for me because we sell advertising at a specific size, and they cannot be in differing sizes or I would have irate advertisers. It's difficult to eyeball that when they're in separate columns, it's difficult to size correctly in the left column since it won't stay locked in width, and it's difficult to ensure that the ad graphic is placed at 100% so the resolution is not affected.


There also seems to be some problem with uploading new art. It will not show in the library, so I upload again. When I finally give up, and once again have to quit the email and open it back up, multiples of the file finally appear in the library so I have to delete some. That is 75% of the time. Uploading art does function properly part of the time.


I also don't like not being able to control some of the HTML anymore, I don't like not being able to reduce some of the acres of spacing between elements, I don't like that when you set up three columns the left one requires more adjustment because it doesn't restrict the scale of the width I set for the column. I don't like element boxes not being independent of each other (rather than all filing into becoming part of one master column element). I really don't like that you can't copy element boxes or text styles and have to reformat everything every time.


All of these things drastically add to the time it takes me to build my organization's weekly newsletter, and time is already at a premium for me. I can grudgingly put up with the other items if the photo menu/library would function properly and consistently. I have tried to correct all of these issues by changing browsers, turning off extensions, using Incognito windows...none of it works.

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Hi @KrissyL2 thank you for sharing this feedback with us!  What are the browsers you've tried in and the extensions you have running on them? The good news is accessing your images' pixel sizes and controlling line spacing in an email are both requests we are currently tracking feedback on. However on the other hand, with your element boxes, are you looking to copy these boxes within the same email or from one campaign to another?


I'm shocked to see that the post about not being able to control the percentage is from 2018. I'm in the process to switching to this platform and that's a big turnoff.

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