Show Pixel Size when Resizing Images

It would be very helpful to know what the pixel dimensions of an image are, as you resize it, so that you can match image sizing throughout your email, exactly.

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No way to tell what size images are.  You have to hope you uploaded three exactly the same, because you can't find any place to tell you what it is. If you accidentally drag it smaller or larger, you have no way of telling when you've returned to default.
And as nearly as I can tell, no way to turn of tracking on image links?  Our clients are not allowed to click on links with tracking attached.  Used to be able to turn them off. 

And like you, if I had wanted Mail Chimp-ness, I would be using that service - which I do use for another organization, and hate it!

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @jellis, thanks for your feedback! I could see how being able to manipulate the exact size of the image by editing the pixel measurement would be helpful. I've opened this idea up for voting, so make sure to "Kudo" this idea if you agree! 

Home & Building Services
Home & Building Services

This was a function that the old editor had, and it was taken away. Which is crazy. I need to be able to have an image (like my logo) be the same size across multiple newsletters, so having the pixel dimensions available when resizing an image would be amazing to have back. 

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