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A couple of questions . . .

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A couple of questions . . .


I tried to send this to my account rep, but it bounced back.

I'd like to review the terms of my new account.
Thank you for setting up a newsletter template for me - it's very nice, they did a good job.
I would like to know, regarding the survey that I sent out, who the survey was sent to. I only have one small listing with 16 names that it was targeted to. At least 2 names have not received the survey, one being myself and the other my husband (Ralph), so I wonder who else did not receive a copy.
I have 5 responses, out of the 16 that were on the sending list, and normally would have a couple responses trickling in on the 2nd day. Can you help me with this?
Also, I would like to know what my monthly payments are going to be and what credits I have on my account. I should have a $30.00 referral credit - how is that applied?
I still feel a little frustrated that I didn't get to make use of my trial period. I do like your product but if you say there is a trial period, regardless if I use the survey, I should get some type of a trial period.

Hi @RoxanneSchorbach,


I'm sorry that your email did not go through, but thank you for reaching out to the Community with your inquiries! In terms of being able to look into your account information, if you click on the icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen (looks like a person's head and shoulders) and if you click on My Account, you will have access to all the billing information there.

I'm very glad you are happy with the template provided for you! I'd be glad to pass on that feedback.

As for the survey questions, here is a screenshot with some explanations and arrows that show you where to click to get your results/see who the survey was sent to:SurveyQuestions.png


 If you did not receive that survey invitation, that could be a Whitelisting issue for you and your husband. Here is an FAQ/Tutorial that will help with Whitelisting Constant Contact as a Safe Sender. If you are not receiving Constant Contact emails after Whitelisting/Adding Safe Sender with your domain, please give our Deliverability specialists a call, they can help you troubleshoot those issues!

As for anything Billing related, due to Account Security, we cannot discuss those particulars here. You can always give our Billing specialists a call here, they will be able to go over those specifics with you.



I'm very sorry you didn't get the trial time to explore our product, however as a Constant Contact customer, you now get access to our FAQ's and Tutorials, available here; as well, you can send Campaigns to more than just 100 contacts!

Feel free to reach out to the Community any time you have questions, or you can contact us using any of these methods, too!

Gwendolyn B
Customer Engagement Specialist
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