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I cannot find my "design" panel that shows placement of the text and image boxes. I cannot "pad" my image enough to have it fill  the image box across the page, making the type around the photo extremely difficult for smartphone users to read. I sometimes find page-making my emails the way I want them to look is almost impossible, making my job too, too long and difficult. Please make this more user-friendly for those of us who MAIN job is not page-making due to small staff.


Hello @MarilynL261 ,


Can you elaborate on what you mean by "'design' panel that shows placement of the text and image boxes?" The Design tab in the email editor is for setting default colorings for your email (such as default text and links colors, background colors, borders, etc.)


Looking at your latest email, it looks like the template you selected to build off of has a border around the inner section. Is that what you're referring to when you're talking about "padding" your image? Otherwise the only other thing that would be affecting the image's maximum display size for desktop would be the column of text you have sharing its row. If you want the desktop view to have the image be as wide (and respectively tall) as possible, you'll want to have that image in a row on its own. On mobile, this will automatically adjust regardless, since mobile email apps will always try to display an image as large as they can based on screen width and the image's metadata.


If you'd like additional assistance and guidance live while you make an email, I'd recommend calling our general support line. That way they can screenshare and work with you 1:1 to ensure you're understanding all the ins and outs of making emails.


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