Disabling downloading photos

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Has anyone worked with their email providers to disable the "Download Photos" function so recipients don't have to download manually each time? 


Thank you 

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Hello @TonyS547 ,


Is your email program prompting you to download / show the images? Some email programs, especially Outlook, will block images from showing based on network, personal, or default program settings. Regarding those types of email clients, they typically allow you to right-click on the missing image icons and allow the images to download/show. If you're wanting to disable this functionality, it could come down to the applicable program / site's settings for your emails, as well as if the sender is trusted, if our domains are safelisted, or if you're authenticated.


You may also want to peruse our article on missing images, to see if any of that information pertains to your current issue.

William A
Community & Social Media Support