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How do I remove an optin button from my email when it is accesssed from a link

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How do I remove an optin button from my email when it is accesssed from a link

When you click the link to go to my email there is an optin button at the top saying JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST

How do I remove  this button?


Hello @BurntO ,


At the moment there isn't a way to edit the share bar at the top of the View As Webpage / Link version of the email. With that said I went ahead and got your information submitted to our engineers so if and when there's a future update, they'll make sure to notify you.

William D
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Thank you for your response.

Yes, it does seem a bit presumptuous to be force the link to an opt in page whenever I supply the code for someone other than contacts to see the newsletter.

I can see that on the face of it you would think it's a good idea - but really you should be checking with the account holder first who knows their customers, why a link code has been supplied and whether or not a link to that particular sign up page is appropriate.

It is good that your designers show initiative but this is definitely something that should be optional for the account holder to keep or remove.
We weren't even advised it was going to be there - it just appeared !!!!!

Many thanks

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I would also like to remove this link because it causes discrepancies between our donor management system and CC lists. (After multiple issues, we had to disable two-way syncing.)

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Agreed - we need the join my mailing list button removed asap -  as we deal with several firms!

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I concur with the other requests to provide an option in displaying the "Join our mailing list" link. Thank you.


Agreed. This has resulted in many contacts trying to sign up for news intended for a smaller, more restricted group.