Using an uploaded image for a video thumbnail

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When using an uploaded image for a video thumbnail, the image's color becomes distorted once inserted. It looks as if the image's color becomes negative. 

I have tried deleting the block and retrying. It does not work. 

I have tried starting the email over. It does not work. 

I have tried to see if the problem is whether or not it is specific to Vimeo or YouTube, etc. It is not.

I have tried sending the email to see if it only looks that way in the edit mode. That is not the problem. In fact, when it prints, the problem is worse. 

This is not the case when I use the video's original video thumbnail. The problem seems to disappear.

What is the issue?

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Hello @JasonL183 ,


It looks like you've sent out your email already, however the next time this issue occurs, could you please provide the following info for our devs so they can research the issue:

  • Does converting the image you're trying to use to another image type (PNG > JPG, JPG > PNG) alleviate the issue?
  • Exact name of affected image you tried to use
  • Screencap or screencast of issue
  • Screenshot of the dev console (Right click on your browser, click inspect, on the left hand tab that opened up click on "console" and take a screenshot of this) with any red-colored lettering indicating an error

William A
Community & Social Media Support