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Allow a call back option for phone support

Your service is good overall.   I am pleased that my email went out to my 14,000 addressees.   The samples look good.     Only about 10 hating replies so far.   That's good out of 14,000...... 


I do want to point out something I dislike,    hate is better,   despise is the right word.


If I could,   I would  N E V E R   again be on hold for your piano music and spamming of your commercials.   You know that I didn't call to hear that and of course I know it as 20 or 30 minutes tick buy.      The phone company and the cable company are the most hated companies in the country largely because they do this  (waste so much of people's time.


And its not an insurmountable problem.   Not even a hard problem!


Small tech companies that are rising stars do it differently and at low expense.     Its simple.  Its automated too so you should love it!  That is, they offer the opportunity to get a call back.   Then the prompt the number I called in on and ask if I want a call back at that number when the next tech is available.    OF COURSE I DO!!!


You obviously should do this in  ANY  situation where your customers are about to be put on hold.   They will be so much happier with your services.   Everything but this worked quite well.

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Please provide an option for call back during long wait times.

Status changed to: Voting Open

This is a great idea, thanks for posting! 

While on hold for a 30 minute wait, i was disconnected. Suggest a call queue so you call me back instead of me holding for 30 minutes.
Status changed to: Coming Soon

Hello @EdP575 - Thanks for this feedback, it happens to be very timely. This (the virtual hold you referred to) has been a feature we've been wanting to implement, but our previous phone system did not have the capability. We just switched over to an entire new phone system just last week. This may have had some role to play in wait time you experienced, so please accept my apologies for that. Once things get more steady on the new system, we'll be doing some testing with this feature with plans to offer it sometime this year!


Thanks for your patience during your wait. Happy to hear you've had a good experience otherwise.

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I've been with Constant Contact for over 10 years. For the most part, I love the service...that is, all but technical support, it stinks!  Not the reps, mind you, they're terrific, it's the entire call in process...After telling the computer my name, I am forced to listen to a bunch of phony "clicking" as though there's an tech actually looking for the section I requested ("Event support" how complex is THAT?) upon which I'm forced to listent o more clicking before it tells me "I can get you to someone...."  sigh.  THEN, I'm told "It's a busy support day..."  It's ALWAYS a "busy support day"  perhaps hire some more techs?  Then I'm told wait time is 25 minutes!!!  Upon which, I'm forcecd to listen to the most nauseating music, the same refrain over and over and over and over and over and over and over more commercials.


Constant Contact, this is HORRIBLE!!! Here's an idea...manhy GOOD companies actually have a CALL BACK service so I don't have to sit here and listen to your nauseating music for almost a half hour. C'mon, this isn't hard.


I understand at times the lines can be busy. There is a solution that respects the customer and the staff. Many companies with great customer service offer the option of leaving a number for call back. It beats hanging on hold for 25+ minutes, or hanging up with issue unresolved, only to start again from square one! Wish you would consider that, and also not so many apologies and assurances the call is important to you. It only makes the wait seem even longer. 

I am VERY frustrated that you all locked up my account until we can conduct a list review. You did it with no warning and I had to wait over 40 minutes to get ahold of someone on the phone. This cannot happen again. You could have given me warning that you were going to do this. You could also setup a callback service so I don't have to wait THAT long on the phones for you. I know it's a busy time, but that's unacceptable.

While working to resolve an authentication issue, I encountered significant phone waiting periods. To be expected and in itself not a big deal. However, I was dropped four times and had to re-call. One session had me on the phone for 73 minutes having been dropped twice on that call. Your phone system is a mess.

I would also suggest a "call back" option rather than having to wait on the phone and listen to your terrible music! :smileyface: The airlines and other advanced phone support capacities have such a feature. Well worth it.



I called on a Saturday morning and the phone message said you were unusually heavy with calls (when are you not heavy??) and that the wait time would be 30 minutes.  Well it was 45 minutes which is completely unacceptable.


Why can't you implement a feature like a lot of help centres whereby they get your phone number and call the client back instead of having us sitting and listening to your crazy canned noise.


Wayne A

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Hold times to reach a CC rep often go beyond 20 minutes. Why not set up a system like airlines or credit card companies use in which you can opt to leave a number and get a callback when hold times are beyond, say, five minutes.
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