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Hiding the editing toolbar on the left

Does anyone know if there's a way to hide the toolbar on the left in the editing screen. It's incredibly annoying when you need to have two screens open. For example - having a webpage open to reference while creating your email.  The toolbar is so big and chunky that it literally covers half the screen making it nearly impossible to edit your work.

I'm posting an example.  It would be really great if we could minimize the toolbar.


constant contact screenshot.jpg

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Hello everyone,


The formatting toolbar in the Cross Platform / Device Editor (CPE) is now docked to the top of the editing screen, thereby resolving this issue. The docked toolbar is not present in emails still being built using the older 3GE builder

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Hi @ScottM1305 what about scrolling on your window with the editor open does not accomplish this goal? How would you expect to hide this build bar?

Campaign Contributor

Please consider providing the ability to minimize the "Side Tool bar" in the new template.  It takes up screen space when editing email and is in the way when no longer needed.  



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Hi @ITC_Chair  thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in on this feature request as well.


Reply from @ScottM1305 

Scrolling doesn’t help because the editing copy scrolls under/behind the tools. So you can’t see the entire text area. On a giant screen it’s usually ok because both windows are big enough. But on a standard laptop it’s so annoying. If you just give us a button to collapse the tool bar when we don’t need it. Then click the button to show the toolbar that would be great. Many programs do this. PowerPoint allows you to see your slides or hide your slides on the left side of the screen. And almost all of the Adobe products have a collapsible tools feature. You’re not using the tools all the time. Why do they have to always be there taking up screen space?


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Hi @ScottM1305 thanks for following up with these details! We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in on this as well.

Marketing Legend

When I working with two windows side by side on my screen, I would like the ability to collapse the Building Panel (For want of a better description) until such time as I WISH to add an Image, a Block, or change the Design. 


I would very much like this feature added.

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This is a feature I too have longed for. I almost always have two windows open while creating an email, and I would like to collapse the Building Panel and reopen it as necessary. It takes up a lot of real estate on my screen. Hoping this feature is now in the works. Thanks for bringing it up ScottM

Status changed to: Acknowledged

We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.

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When, oh When are we going to be able to minimize this screen hogging Editing Toolbar on the Campaign page? We need all the space we can get to work on our emails but this toolbar really really needs to be a fly out option  Once we have done our building we need it gone. It should be easy to access or to hide. PLEASE listen to us. 


I would like to echo all the previous posts regarding this issue.  When working with windows side by side, it makes it extremely difficult, even with a large screen to read the entire CC article while also referencing other material.  

Please consider adding this as a feature. 

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