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Alpha sort on images

Alpha sort on images

I just started a new email and needed to replace the image in the email that I was using. Although I very much like the folders that were added, I have not had the time to sort all my images into the folders. I am doing that as I use them. I know how to find my frequent users in the alpha sort even though I do not remember all of their titles. I was stunned when I found that I could not sort my images in alpha order. Please put that back as soon as possible. If not, you will continue add minutes to my day every time I have to look for an image that I have not yet sorted.

Thank you

Bob Cherner


I agree with Cheryl.  Now I have to sort through over 800 pictures because I can no longer alphabetize my files.  How am I supposed to find anything here?!


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Can there at least be a way to sort the files? Alphabetically, for instance?
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I like to sort by date so I can delete files I'm no longer using more easily.

HI MacEgel

I just wanted to answer your question about usage. We still provide usage information inside the image details. It will show at the bottom of the window with a link to view the names of the emails. Hope this helps!

10-3-2013 10-41-34 AM.jpg

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I can't stand the new image library. I'd like to be able to see all my photos in alphbetical order.


I loathe the search feature--it gets stuck on a few photos, and that's it. If you can't remember the name of the photo you're looking for, there's no looking for it.


The old way was better.

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Please provide the ability to search for images alphabetically.
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Previously had the ability to sort by date added/used or alphabetically by file name. My file names may or may not be accurate to the topic of the photo, and with 800 plus photos, this is a real pain to find what I'm seeking. Also, stock photos I previously were all dumped into the same file, so now I have even more to sift through.
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REALLY miss the ability to sort images by New to Old, Old to New, A to Z and Z to A. Also would apprediate smaller thumbnails in the thumbnail view, and would like to see the name of each pic appear as a caption below each picture.
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P L E A S E - bring back the alphabetizing of the pictures. I select files by names and would really appreciate keeping it simple for me by re-implementing the A-Z sorting. Not everyone wants to always single search or go by the date. thank you
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All documents are hard to find now. Please, at a minmum, offer an alpha sort option by document name.