How do you leverage data and analytics to make informed business decisions?


Let's talk numbers! 


Personally, data can be a little daunting, but in retrospect, it's incredibly helpful in defining business needs. Data and analytics can help you with your goals of increasing profit and reducing costs. It can also help build your customer retention, manage your sales, and let you see the bigger picture for all things related to your business.  


Now that we know the importance of numbers, what are some ways you use data and analytics to effectively run your business? 


I am sure our brilliant Coaches @DavidFischerSolutionsForGrowth@TraceyLeeDavis@MelanieDiehl @ACTIVATE have some insights they can share.

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We analyze the data provided by Constant Contact to evaluate the performance of our clients' email campaigns. We look at Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes, etc., as well as the Heat Map which is a great way to take a "birds-eye" view of where our clients' customers clicked. We compare the data to our clients' previous numbers with the goal of always improving the results. We also compare this data with insights from Google Analytics to understand their customers’ behaviors after clicking from email to website. We look closely at the pages they navigate to and how long they stay there. We look at where they go after they visit a page. With the help of these insights, we make informed decisions for our clients. We closely test and monitor the effectiveness of those decisions and make tweaks and changes to ensure successful results for our clients.

David Fischer

Solutions for Growth

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Note: I am not a Constant Contact employee.

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This is super informative, David! Glad you guys are getting the best out of leveraging your data! 

Community Coach

I second David's answer above, and also want to add that I use data and analytics to create custom audiences for ad campaigns. This allows me to run promotions to those who have already engaged ads as well as upload custom audiences LISTS so that I can marketing online directly to those already in my database. Cold marketing = awareness. Warm marketing = conversions. 

Aaron Wesley Means

ACTIVATE Business Solutions

Help others find this post by giving it kudos.

Note: I am not a Constant Contact employee.

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