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Hi Everyone,

I am Brotchman. One of my prime missions in life is to share joy through music. I am a song catcher. Grab'em right from the sky I do. Then I give them a run for their money this way and that both lyrically and musically until one is ready to be released like a butterfly and visit its melodic ear pollen upon the unsuspecting. My competing passion is continuing to build our wonderful homestead farm in the beautiful hills of Vermont with my dear wife Abigail. I am very excited to be a new member of the Constant Contact community so that we may find our way to building audience for my music. I have been a performing musician for many years but I have never pursued it with the serious marketing dedication that is required until now. I have a bit of a niche. I write a lot of topical material and songs to inspire change for the good of the world. My most cherished compliment came from the lips of Pete Seeger after he accompanied me at Grand Central Station on my song "No War No More" (song video on my youtube channel). My songs touch people's hearts, heads and feet. I want to share them with the world. My dream is to lead a sea of people with arms waving in the air singing and saying the pledge to "Allegiance To The Blue", my climate change anthem for the planet.

I have high hopes for the positive marketing progress I can attain with the help of CC. 

Thank you for welcoming us into this community.



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Greetings, @PaulB856!


We’re delighted to have you join the Constant Contact community. Your enthusiasm for music and your mission to spread joy through your songs is truly admirable.


We’re excited that you are using Constant Contact to expand your reach. With your unique and uplifting music, there’s an audience eagerly waiting to discover your talents.


As you embark on this new marketing journey, we’re confident Constant Contact will be a valuable tool for connecting with a larger audience and nurturing your fanbase. Our community is filled with supportive individuals and a wealth of resources and expertise to support you.


Wishing you the best of luck in your musical endeavors. Keep sharing your passion and inspiring positive change through your music!

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