Integrating Constant Contact signup into Google Forms


Integrating Constant Contact signup into Google Forms



Our business uses a lot of Google Forms to accept sign-ups from our customers for various activities. We have multiple different mailing lists that users can sign up to. We're trying to have a question 'which mailing lists would you like to sign up for?' and have a user check the boxes next to the lists they are interested in, and have it automatically add them to the appropriate mailing lists. Is there any way to do this in constant contact or in google forms?

If there is another service similar to Google Forms that integrates into constant contact, we would be open to using that too. We're just trying to streamline this process as much as possible.


Hello @JeffS2,


Thank you for reaching out to us. It sounds like what you're wanting to do is something that could be done within our system. There are multiple ways to go about what you need to, so let's go ahead and cover them.


The first method would be the simplest. Create a Landing Page within our system for the individual lists you want.


If you're wanting them to be able to select a list or lists from several options, I'd recommend using our legacy sign-up form builder, which can be found by clicking Sign-Up Forms at the top of your Constant Contact screen, and choosing Basic Landing Pages. You can either edit our default sign-up form or create a new one. Simply select all the lists you want to have as options while creating it.


With either of the two above options, if you're asking questions beyond simple contact details, you'll need to add some custom fields that can be options to ask when building these landing pages.


The final method would require the most work as it is the most manual. You can continue using your Google Forms, especially if you ask really specific questions or require more elaborate answers. In this case you'll need to manually sort people into individual excel sheets based on what contact list they wish to join then upload those excel sheets as the contact lists themselves. Again I'd only recommend doing this if you're asking longer questions rather than asking for basic contact info.


At this time there is no Google Form integration in the works, but I'll make sure your service request is passed on to our Product Improvement team.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reply here and we'd be happy to assist.

William D
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Please let me add to the request for Google form integration. At our non-profit we use a Google form for volunteers to sign up to help -- not only their contact information, but also their area of interest for volunteering. 

We'd like to be able to sort these responses into different mailing lists with custom sign-up response emails for each.


Seconding the need for this feature! We are in the same boat - using Google Forms to collect lots of volunteer information as they sign up, and then asking them to sign-up again on a separate constant contact subscription means that we lose some people. We can import the Google Form spreadsheets every few months, but it would be great to have the ability to connect the two.