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Reason number 54,325 that the Constant Contact Mobile App is garbage: the scheduling functionality (launching an e-mail in the future) is just flat-out broken. 

1.) You go to drafts.

2.) You select the e-mail that is in drafts.

3.) You click the schedule button.

4.) You go down to the spinning wheels where you should be able to spin to the hour, minute, AM/PM, and date you want to send the e-mail. What happens when you attempt to use it, however, is that a.) it won't allow you to choose a different hour than the one you're in currently b.) once you start adjusting it, it automatically switches your time from AM to PM and then will not allow you to switch back. c.) you quit without saving changes and then call someone back at the office to ask if they can schedule the e-mail for you from their desktop.


Unless you're sending an e-mail immediately, or you just want to see how many people opened an e-mail you've already sent, this app has been pretty much useless from the get-go. And it seems to get uselesser all the time. 


Believe it or not, I'm not the guy who goes around trashing apps and products online because it's fun. I rarely leave negative reviews. But Constant Contact (desktop) has been a big and successful part of my marketing life, and I can't figure out why their app has been such a complete and utter disaster. It is frustrating. 


Hello @MattB1 ,


Can you provide a video or other screencap of the issue you're describing? I'm not able to replicate any of what you've said in the mobile app on my device. Does uninstalling and resinstalling the app, or clearing its cache via your device's app settings, alleviate the issue?

William A
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