Overview: Sending an automated email series

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I just took over marketing for an organization. There are four locations. Each location has an automated series that prompts a user to review their experience and then is subsequently sends service reminders every two years following. The person who set up the series for one store did not add any subsequent emails after the initial review request. Is it possible to add emails to an existing automated series or is there an easy way to ensure that they receive those service reminders? 


If not possible, I suspect that I will have to do two things:


1. Set up a new autoresponder series for new customers that can be used moving forward that contains all the emails needed. 


2. Set up a separate autoresponder series for any customers who were previously added to the incomplete autoresponder to ensure they receive the service reminders. And then set the current incomplete series inactive. 

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Hello @KristenO903 ,


At this time, automation series cannot have steps added to them after publishing. Therefore you are correct in the two things that will need to be done.


I've updated your account to reflect a desire for the ability to add steps to a published automation series, and submitted it to the engineers. If and when they have an update regarding this functionality, they'll notify you directly.

William A
Community & Social Media Support