Overview: Sending an automated email series

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering whether creating a new email sequence everytime a new contact joins the list will back-send emails to customers already on the list? I do not want it to that - just checking before I go ahead. 

Any body have any experience with this? 


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Hello @user7180404 ,


When it comes to automation, new contacts entered into the queue of an existing automation, whether from click or list triggers, will continue through the automation from start to finish. Any contacts that are already going through the series, or have finished, won't be re-entered or restart it. The only way for a contact to restart the automation would be for List-Join type series, in the event they're removed from the list, then put back into the list - either manually by you or by their own choices through update profile / sign up form / click segmentation.


Besides the article you made this post from, I'd also recommend checking out our article on creating an automation series, and this other article on automation tips, to get a clearer picture of how automation works in our system. 

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