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I need assistance inserting a paypal monthly subscription button into a landing page

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Hi @tiffanys106 ,


That is a great question, and I completely understand the necessity of a PayPal button in your email campaign. While we do not have a block available to insert a PayPal button directly into your email campaign, here is a guide that should assist you in generating a PayPal button, and inserting it into your email campaign.


I will also pass along feedback on your behalf to our engineering team in terms of having a PayPal action block directly within the email editor. 

Amanda G.
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To add onto what Amanda said, if you're explicitly looking at adding a PayPal button to a landing page, this will somewhat vary by landing page. Lead Generation LPs don't really offer a way to insert a button / image anywhere on the page (beyond the default logo at the top). Shoppable LPs and especially Custom LPs offer more flexibility and customization in elements. The same principle as what was described in Amanda's article would also apply to these pages, you just need a PayPal icon image as provided in the article and the proper URL for your PayPal subscription, and you can insert those as needed into your LP.

William A
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