Creating multiple social follows for different social media accounts

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Hi, we're an org with many different Facebook and Instagram accounts. Right now, if we want to include social follow buttons, we have to manually change each URL to fit whether we're linking to our camp accounts, school accounts, etc. Is there a way to create different settings for different accounts? Basically, I'm looking for a solve that will allow us to easily click on "camp social follow," etc. rather than having to manually change the links every time. Is there a function like this for Constant Contact? Thanks!

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Hello @Emely - Lisa - DianeK-1643280562 ,


Social buttons will always default to whatever link was last inserted into them. If you have that many individual pages you're going to be switching between, I'd suggest uploading an icon image of the social platform you'll be using, and inserting those into your emails like any other image. From there you can link up those specific images to the respective accounts of your emails' subjects. That way when you copy a specific type of email, that icon's link is maintained.


Another potential option would be to use buttons, and simply type out what each page would be. For example, something like "Follow our Camp Facebook Page!" or "Follow the School Twitter Page for immediate updates!"

William A
Community & Social Media Support