Format changes when opened


When I preview my email, the format looks great.  When I send a test email, and the email is delivered to my inbox, the format is very different and no longer looks good.  Is there a way to 'lock' the format so that it does not change when delivered and the email picture are downloaded?

I have attached two clips: 1) Preview View and, 2) Email View.  Please note, the format is perfect in the 'preview' view but the words spread out farther in the delivered email and the format looks terrible when viewing the email and downloading picture.


Please let me know if there is anything I can do to prevent this change in format.

preview.pngEmail View.png


Hello @LoriOHARA ,


Would you be able to provide which email client (and version) you're using to view it on desktop?


We've recently received some reports about emails in some Outlooks having display issues caused by buttons being too big (text too large or too many words). Does reducing the text size in your email's button alleviate the display issue at all?


You may also want to check your DPI settings, as we've seen similar issues in Outlook versions from zooms beyond 100%.




Tangentially related, you may want to add dividers or something else marking out the different sections between each case manager, since mobile email apps will force the text and image sections to be rearranged left-right, top-down. This may cause an awkward layout, as indicated by the mobile preview.

William A
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