GIF upload error - please fix!

I've created GIF files before and had difficulty getting them to upload, but then after trying several times, they will load. This time even quadruple checking it's under 5MB, and several attempts, it will not load. Very frustrating.
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Hello @JJS83 ,


Does either of the following troubleshooting steps alleviate the upload issue for that gif?

  • Open image in Photoshop > File > Export > Save for Web > Leave default settings and click Save
  • Compressing the Gif (using lossy compression is available)
  • Converting the Gif to an MP4 filetype, then converting back to a Gif
  • Putting the Gif in an image hosting site, then adding it to your email via the Image URL method
  • Making sure the Gif matches all the optimization criteria

If none of those alleviate your issues, please respond to the automated @ mention email with the Gif attached so we can investigate further.

William A
Community & Social Media Support