Graphic not extending to the edge.

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We are a charter school and we send out an email newsletter to our alumni each month.  Each month, I copy the prior month's email and edit it for the new month.  We have a graphic that we use for our header.


This month, the header looks correct in my draft view and when I send it to a gmail account but when I send a test copy to my personal email (a regional internet provider Cox Cable), the graphic does not extend to both edges, there is a gap.  This occurs with multiple pictures in the newsletter.   This has never occurred before.  I have not made any changes to my email account or the way in which I access my email.  I tried re-inserting the graphic and re-sizing to ensure it extends all the way to the end.  No luck.  We need to get this newsletter out by Thursday.  I know many people use the same internet provider that I do so I assume if I am having an issue, they may as well.  


Any ideas as to why this may be happening in some email viewers?  Thank you in advance for your time. Jill

Email to an Outlook email account.  Pics do not extend to the edge.Email to an Outlook email account. Pics do not extend to the edge.How it looks in draft mode and emailed to a gmail account.How it looks in draft mode and emailed to a gmail account.



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Hello @PACM ,


I'm not recreating the issue when I view it in my Outlook and Gmail clients, so it's indicating that this is something specific to Cox.

  • Have you reached out to Cox's support to see if they can provide insight?
  • Based on the size of the email, it's possible it might be partially clipped closer to the bottom. If that's the case, does clicking the option to display the full email (if applicable) allow the images to go all the way to the edges?
  • Does Cox have a mobile app you're able to view the email on? Do the images stretch to the edges properly in those?

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Hi William - I am sorry I never posted.  I did review your post - just forgot to respond.  I still have this issue from time to time - never did figure it out. Frustrating.  Cox's support is never helpful - won't help to contact them.  I produce a monthly newsletter and have not had the same issue for the past few months so feeling fortunate about it and will hope for the best.  Thank you for responding. Jill