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HTML ? Used to be able to use it in legacy - especially to copy parts between email campaigns

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HTML ? Used to be able to use it in legacy - especially to copy parts between email campaigns

In the old days, before I was pushed onto the new platform, I used the HTML of blocks in Legacy to copy and paste parts between campaigns. Open a block in one campaign - copy the HTML - paste it into another campaign (poof! same block in a new campaign.) I was told recently by CC that copying blocks between campaigns can't happen.  NOW... I'm rebuilding the same block again, over and over. (Waste of time. I'm looking at other email providers. )


I writing this to grumble a bit, but also to ask if any one has a workaround? Thanks!


Maybe CC has realized its mistake? Could an CC agent tell me if CC plans to restore access to HTML? Thanks again!


Hi Paul. I'm sorry to hear you're unhappy with your 3GE experience so far, I recognize it can be very time consuming rebuilding an email from scratch. You are still able to copy campaigns from the new editor, so you'll be able to copy everything over from a previous campaign like before once the initial template is recreated. This does, of course, only apply to a one to one transfer so if you can't copy different blocks from multiple separate campaigns into one. However, if you do need to do that; while there are no plans to implement html access to 3GE emails, we do have a custom code editor that builds the entire email from code. You can definitely use that if you essentially need to glue together a campaign with blocks from different emails.

David B.
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Hi David,

The 3GE system is a step backwards. As you succinctly put it: [it is] very time consuming rebuilding an email from scratch. May I ask why HTML is not available in this system? Why are there no plans to implement html access to 3GE emails? I'm reaching here, but is it because there's some "fear" that the code could be used for "devious behavior?" If so, then why is there a custom code editor? Very very puzzled. Thank you for your time.