Image Order


Image Order

II tried to include five images which have a specific order and it wouldn't work. It kept skewing the order when I went back in to check it.

Hello @EmilyJ32 ,


I am sorry that your image layout was not remaining the way you designed it. Was this happening when you were trying to preview or view the email on a mobile device? If so, the email templates are mobile responsive so they do display differently on desktop and mobile devices. Within desktop it will maintain a five column layout; assuming you had the five images left and right of each other.  From a mobile device those five columns will bottleneck down into one to fit the screen of that mobile device cleanly.

The order that they follow is, the most left image goes on top and the farthest right image will go on bottom. If you were wishing to have them remain left and right of each other on a mobile phone it would be best to take a screenshot of all them together and use that one image in place of the five to maintain that left to right layout. I have attached a knowledge base article that discusses best practices for emails on mobile devices here.



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