SSL errors when I click on landing page link

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I have Lead Generation Landing Pages for people to register to download PDF files.  Whenever someone registers, the landing page adds them to a contact list named specific for that PDF.  I have an automation setup, so when an email is added to a PDF-specific contact list, it generates an email with the link to download the document.  The URLs for the landing pages are in various places on my website.


Recently, whenever I click on one of the landing page links, I get a browser error:

This site can’t provide a secure sent an invalid response.

Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.



It doesn’t matter if I click the link on my website or within the setup on Constant Contact’s website; I get the same error.

After some troubleshooting, it turns out that my computers are the only ones getting this error – people not on my home network have no error; even my cellphone gets the error if it is on Wi-Fi, if I remove it from Wi-Fi, it works with no error. It seems obvious that something in my network is causing the error.


I’ve tried several things:

  • Rebooting the router
  • Rebooting my switch (PCs are on ethernet)
  • On 2 different PCs
    • I tried Chrome and Firefox
    • Clearing browser cache
    • Disabling all extensions
    • Incognito mode
    • Deleting every Constant Contact-related cookie off the computer
    • Verify system clock is accurate
    • Clear SSL state
    • Disabling Anti-virus and firewall (Norton 360)
    • Verify Windows up to date
    • Verified browsers up to date

Not sure how to remedy this, any ideas?


@ReleaseTEAM , 


I certainly apologize that you are experiencing that error with the landing pages. This is actually an error that our engineering team is aware of, and they are currently working to target the issue and resolve it. I have gone ahead and tracked it on your Constant Contact account, and I will have our engineering team follow up with you at the main email address on file for your account once we have an update or a resolution. 


In the meantime, if you are able to email us at with the following information, it would be extremely helpful to provide to our engineering team for more effective troubleshooting: 


How was the link accessed, directly or email?
Any extensions or security systems in use?
Your Location: 
Landing Page URL:
Operating System:

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