Schedule and automatically send an email to a specific person on a specific date

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Below is the workflow, I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction in terms of implementing a native CC solution or recommend a 3rd party solution that integrates with CC. 


We have a webform that takes someone's name, email and their program start date.  That information is sent to zapier, then a specific constant contact list that is tied to an automatic campaign.  When a new email address is added to the registration email list, an automatic confirmation email is sent out.  This next part is where I'm having trouble finding a solution.   


We need to send two follow up emails, one 3 days past their registration date and one 30 days past their registration date.  Are you aware of any 3rd party application that is integrated with constant contact that could schedule someone to be added to a specific list on a specific date?  



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Hello @RobertR5582 ,


One thing that could be done within Constant Contact is if you are able to collect that list of people that are registering for event/class workshop that is happening on a set date. On the day of the event/class you can add all of those people to a list that is tied to a 2 step automation series (having the automation trigger set as when a contact joins a list). That first email is set to send out after waiting 3 days, and the second step email is set to send out 30 days later. This way everyone is receiving those two email at the 3 and 30 days after mark. If this solution does not work for the flow of the registration that you have created, you would need to look at a third party integration.

Within this route, Constant Contact employees are not trained on third party programs and are unable to recommend anything that would offer you that automation solution. All third party programs that connect to Constant Contact can be found within the marketplace or integrations tab in the blue navigation bar the top of screen.


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