Tags when sending Emails

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Hi there!  When sending an email, I choose my email list which I know has multiple tags within it however I'm not able see the different tags to choose who I want to send the email to?  Does anyone know why this is?  Thanks in advance!

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Hello @KarenM435 ,


Accounts with over 10k contacts won't have Narrow by Tag as an available option on the scheduling page of emails. The workaround implemented was to include tags as a criteria for contact segmentation, so I'd advise creating a segment with the criteria of:

  • List membership > On list
  • Tags > tagged with / not tagged with
    • use the And to select all the tags you want for that criteria

Once you have your segmentation created, you can send emails to it. Make sure to look over your segmentation after it's generated, to confirm it was setup the way you want it and is targeting the contacts you mean for it to.

William A
Community & Social Media Support