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Trouble uploading GIF file


Trouble uploading GIF file

When I upload a gif file it says "sorry we could not upload this file. Try saving it in a different file and upload again." Even though a .gif file upload is supposed to be supported, and I have used this function a lot in a previous campaign.  I have tried reducing the file size and nothing seems to work. Is this just a temporary glitch, or is there something I am missing? Would love to have any help with this! TIA


Hello @user98478 ,


There's a few troubleshooting elements we can try, to see what might be occurring with your gif file. If you could please answer these questions and try these processes, it'll help our engineers determine what might be happening with certain gifs such as yours.


  1. Is the gif more than 600px wide? If it is, does decreasing the resolution down to that width allow the gif through?
  2. Did you create the gif or did you download it from somewhere?
  3. If you have Photoshop, does exporting the gif as "Save for Web" with its default settings make the gif possible to upload?
  4. Does uploading the gif to another online host (cloud service or specific gif / image site) and inserting it into your email through the URL method let it through?

If none of those above troubleshooting steps work, or allow your gif to come through, I'd recommend calling our general support line so they can do a few troubleshooting elements that require use of a specific 3rd party site. They'll also be able to add your gif to the case so our engineers can collect data, and use that to figure out what might be causing the upload issue in our system.


Also please be aware that some email clients don't support gifs at all, and will either prevent them from downloading / displaying or will show a static image instead.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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Hi William, 


Thank you so much for your help. I did create the gif myself, yes. I got it to work by uploading it to Giphy and then using the URL method. While this does work, it is a bit more time consuming to do! The size of the gif file seemed to make no difference to being able to directly load the gif into the library. I made the gif on Canva - is this a common problem that people have?


Kind regards,


I would love to know if there is an issue with Canva as well; we are also unable to get the gifs from Canva to work in an email.

Same. Gifs from CANVA will not work. 

Hi @RoseS94 - this seems like it's come up several times over the last few weeks. I tried importing a gif from Canva and it worked. Would you be able to post or private message me an example of one of your Canva gifs that failed? I'd like to take a look.