While in List Form - Add existing contact?

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While in a List (under Contacts) - I realize I need to add an existing contact, a staff member in fact. 

Why is it that I cannot search for the name in the database of our existing contact? I currently have to "add" the staff's email (which I don't always have handy), and then edit their profile to add them to the list I'm working on. 

Is there not a better UX to add a known contact to a working email list?

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Hello @PamelaP72843 ,


I wasn't running into any problems when searching for contacts by name (neither first nor last) in your account. Is this issue occurring for you when searching for contacts in a specific list or all lists? Is it it occurring when searching in the main Contacts tab? 


It might be advisable to call us for live troubleshooting and to securely provide example contacts you've had issues searching for.

William A
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