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New Layout. Can't find Surveys

New Member

New Layout. Can't find Surveys

With the new layout I can not find any of the surveys I have issued. I have looked through every page and they are not here.
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Re: New Layout. Can't find Surveys

Yeah, they jacked that one up.


The autoresponder ( now called automation ) and Surveys ( Called Feedback & Surveys ) are now under the "Activity Type" option of My Campaigns.


The flyouts are not in the open state by default so you can't see them.


Not very intuitive for sure. 


Re: New Layout. Can't find Surveys

I found some old surverys here but not my main one, or the results to my Surverys, where is this now, this is very frustrating.

Marketing Advisor

Re: New Layout. Can't find Surveys

Hello @RamonaV , we hope you will find navigating our new look easier once you become familiar with it. To find your surveys, please click on the campaigns tab, then on the left hand side, find the campaign type link and select it to see a drop down of the different campaign types. From here you can then access your surveys and then find the results to your surveys after clicking on the number of responses.




I hope this image helps you navigate to the correct spots. Thank you for the question.

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Re: New Layout. Can't find Surveys

Can't find my survey and responses although I have received a notification that there are new responses.
CTCT Employee

Re: New Layout. Can't find Surveys

Hello @LucieS5


Thank you for posting. I do see that within your account there was a case created to help you in retrieving your survey and responses. In the new experience update any old campaigns that were created before March of 2013 do not carry over. I was glad that you were able to get your responses and create a new survey. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and please let us know if you have any further questions. 

Lenszie V.
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