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can't find template search menu bar

New Member

can't find template search menu bar

Hi, new customer. yesterday i was able to find a left side vertical menu that allowed me to search all templates with a key word, to narrow down what I'm looking for. had other search features and was very helpful. today I can't find that menu anywhere or any way to activate it, so I have to look thru all templates which, also, are now organized in no particular way - seems like a random jumble. yesterday I was able to get them to sort alphabetically which was very helpful if I had to go and find one again. but now I can't get that template page to sort alphabetically. very not be able to navigate my template choices efficiently. how do I get back that template search feature?

Re: can't find template search menu bar

Hi Judie,

I am sorry to hear of the confusion. It looks like you have our new Toolkit account which does not include a template search feature at this time. This is a topic we've gotten lots of feedback on and we're working to improve but at this time I don't have a timeframe for when that feature will be available. 


I'm not sure where you saw the search feature before, was someone giving you a demo or showing you their account?


Can you tell me more about what type of templates you are looking? I'm happy to suggest a few popular ones!

Hannah M.
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