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'immediate' send on new autoresponder is actually 10--40 minutes

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'immediate' send on new autoresponder is actually 10--40 minutes

I upgraded to this new toolkit because it promised 'immediate' send on autoresponder. Great! I thought 'We can now get someone's email address and send them something useful, immediately, even if they choose not to sign up for our mini-course. In the email, we can also gently persuade them, and they might sign up after all. Then, our next emails can follow up a day or week later to try to engage them further."

No, not true.


On average it looks like our new sign-ups get the email within 20 minutes. Sometimes it's about 10 minutes, which is still a long, huge amount of time in terms of people's attention span when they're searching the Internet for something.

So, many of the emails are going unopened. We got their email address, which is great, but they now think we don't do what we say or we're really slow, and we've already lost face.

I suspect - I'm just guessing of course - that given the nature of the offer, they've already moved on and found it somewhere else on the Internet and are not looking in their spam.


The last person to join our list for this offer had to wait 26 minutes, and so far has not opened the email.



The first time I asked chat support, they said it was a known issue they are working on, and asked if I'd like to be kept informed of progress. Actually, I think they said it should be 10-15 minutes, which is clearly still not good enough for Internet marketing needs.

The second tech support person I asked in chat today - 10 days later - told me their 'immediate' policy is the same as the campaign emails - which means within 1 hour. They can't do anything about it because of the nature of their system. So, nothing to fix here. My support call would go no further.


At this point it looks like we'll have to stop using constant contact, this is such an important marketing strategy.

Funnily enough, the 'customer service support survey' email after my chat came pretty darn quickly -though I didn't check the time of my chat, it could have been 'immediate'.


Has anyone had any experience of this, or different answers from support?

To me, this is a massive issue for an email management and marketing solution.


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Re: 'immediate' send on new autoresponder is actually 10--40 minutes



You can accomplish the same thing with a modified welcome email which will go out pretty quickly following a sign up.

You don't even need an autoresponder unless you are going to use a #2 plus followup.


The autoresponder used to be included in the basic package now they charge extra for it.  :frown:



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Re: 'immediate' send on new autoresponder is actually 10--40 minutes

Thanks for your reply.


I only want this email to go to the people on this offer - a specific list. We have several.

I believe the welcome email goes to everyone.


And we do want to start following up with more emails....



(showing as Jane , who used to have my role....)

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Re: 'immediate' send on new autoresponder is actually 10--40 minutes



If you have more than one list then you're correct.


I really doubt you're going to nail that immediate requirement on a consistent basis.  I wasn't aware that CTCT now claims they can hit that 1st AR immediately.


Its tough keeping track of this company any more, they are all over the place.