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This one got 64% open, about average, and 4% clicks. Usually I get ZERO clicks. This letter is just to have some fun, opine my conservative views, and mildly pimp my projects. It has gotten TWO subscribers from clicking in about two years. I have 50 subscribers in three countries. The number never grows unless I force someone to subscribe. This is my woeful tale.


Hi @KenyonL4


Thank you for reaching out to the Community about your email! I'm happy to hear your open and click rate has grown. After looking at this email and reading your post there are a few suggestions I have for you. In fact, while you do include great gifs and whimsical jokes we do always suggest keeping a good text-to-image ratio. It's always good to make sure any images you add are balanced with an appropriate amount of text. This will also help shorten the length of your email. Shorter emails tend to have more targeted content and can help improve your open rates.


Then when it comes to growing your click rate, emails that do not include links in it will cause the click rate to remain at zero. For emails that do include links, try placing them in through buttons. Creating buttons helps readers engage with your links more by adding a visual call to action.


I’m also sorry to hear your contact list is not as large as you would prefer it to be. Creating sign-up forms in your account can be used to help grow your list. The different sign-up form tools we offer in your account will help you capture new contact information.

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Thanks Frankie!


But my links ARE inside a button, aren't they?

Also I do have the subscribe button at the bottom along with the other links, don't I?

Hello @KenyonL4!


Thanks for your reply! You absolutely do have links in the buttons and a subscribe option towards the bottom of the email! Those are key elements and can help increase your click and subscribe rate. Decreasing the amount of space between the images and GIF's within your campaign to make it shorter and adding a subscribe button at the top, as well as the bottom, can help to increase those numbers even more!

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Wow that is long.  and a LOT of images.  and a LOT of blank space between things sometimes.