Dynamic Color Coded Status Graphics


Dynamic Color Coded Status Graphics

Howdy, I did some searching for this, but didn't find any close, so I'm going to float a question about it.


I'm wondering if it's possible to use CC for messages that contain something like the Dominos pizza tracker status bar.  It's like a project status graphic, but in this case, it's for college students who've applied for on campus housing, but after doing so, and before the semester starts, have about eight things they have to tend to before getting the clearance to move in.  A few examples would include minimum number of enrolled semester hours, financial obligation, bacterial meningitis shots, and transcripts from previous schools.


I can import all that data into their contact form, but can they be displayed inside of some type of graphic, like a soft edged small rectangle, and the text be something like 'complete' or 'pending,' and the text bubble be green for complete and red for pending.


If so, I'll start chasing rabbit holes to try to get it together.  If not, I wanted to ask so I don't waste any time.




Hello @ScottW567,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I can definitely understand how a functionality like this would be extremely useful for what you are looking to do. Our system currently does not have a functionality similar to what you are looking for. Any type of work that would be done similar to what you are looking for in our system would require a lot of manual work and workarounds to ensure that this works perfectly. Although this is something that we currently do not provide, I will definitely be submitting this feedback to the correct department for review. Hopefully this clears up any questions you might have.


If you happen to have any additional or follow-up questions about this functionality, feel free to reach back out to us and we'd be more than happy to continue assisting. In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful rest of you day!

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