A/B Test error - "You must select at least 3 contact to send an A/B Test"

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I have around 3,500 recipients in my Email List and have selected to send my A/B text to 20% for each subject line but I am getting the error "You must select at least 3 contacts to send an A/B Test.". This error is preventing me from being able to send the campaign. Has anyone had this issue?

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Hello @First-NameL58616 ,


I did see the same error occur when I created a test version of your latest email. However when I turned the Subject AB back off, saved the scheduling setup, then turned the AB back on, it was able to save/schedule properly.


Since you've already sent out the email that this post was associated with, if the glitch occurs again try going through the same process I did (turn AB back off, save, turn AB back on). If the issue persists after performing that troubleshooting/workaround process, please let us know so we can investigate further, or updates notes in the case I've tracked in your account.

William A
Community & Social Media Support