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<p>I am looking into a way to merge two newsletters: our volunteer and member newsletters, as a lot of the content is similar and it will save a lot of time each month. However, each month there would be a few things (discount codes, a specific blog post, etc) that we would want to share with member and not volunteers, or vice versa. Simple enough - use dynamic content blocks!<br /><br />The tricky thing is we have some volunteers who are ALSO members. So they would need to be able to see&nbsp;<strong>both</strong> the volunteer and member content. I'm new to using dynamic content and would appreciate some guidance on how I should set up the fields to do this. I originally envisioned setting it up like "Newsletter Type: Volunteers, Members, VolMember" --- but just went to play around with it and it doesn't seem like you can add more than one word to the dynamic content block. I'm hoping in some scenarios I won't have to add 2 blocks of the same content just to make this work.&nbsp;<br /><br />Am I overthinking this?!&nbsp;<br /><br />Appreciate any and all help on how to streamline this!&nbsp;</p>
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Hello @CndnCanoeMuseum ,


So you could totally use dynamic content for this! What I would suggest is have two different custom fields; one would be for the volunteers and the other custom field would be for the members. When creating the email you would have two different dynamic content sections. Each one related to the respected field so that way a contact may only see one or the other; also those who are within both would see both volunteer and member blocks. This would allow you to condense the two newsletters into one newsletter. Below I have also attached a link to a knowledge base article on the subject of dynamic content that may come in handy for you.


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